For questions about kids tennis, please email tennisdirector@waylandswimandtennis. com.

OPEN HOUSE - June 18, 3:45-4:15PM

Unsure whether your 5 year old is ready for tennis? Join us for an open house on Monday, June 18, from 3:45-4:15, to meet the tennis coaches and learn more about each program.  The WSTC offers a terrific tennis program for young children that minimizes frustration, builds confidence, and improves their skills. Tennis clinics are available for kids ages 4 and older, and tennis team for kids ages 7 and older.


Three Programs

1. Tennis Clinics

2. Tennis Teams

3. Private Lessons



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For our 10-and-under kids, WSTC has implemented the new Net Generation Tennis.  Net Generation Tennis is the recommended format for teaching 10-and-unders the game of tennis.


Net Generation is an expansion of the QuickStart format, which uses softer balls (referred to as Red, Orange, and Green Balls) and a smaller court.  They are scaled to the size of the children playing the game.  Frustration is cut way down when equipment and rules match kids’ development level. As a result, children learn tennis faster and can master skills before moving on to the next level.


They’re playing real tennis and having a lot of fun at the same time. Kids build confidence in their game with balls they can hit and a court they can cover.  With shorter matches, more kids can play competitively more often. Kids are more likely to keep playing and improve their tennis game when they’re having fun.


The goal is to get them into team play, where they can experience play in a fun setting with their friends. WSTC will be part of the Sudbury Vally League (for Yellow Ball) and we will be setting up matches with these clubs for Red, Orange and Green Ball.


Net Generation helps the kids build a strong foundation beginning with balance and coordination, then reinforcing move, stop, hit, and recover. As the kids progress, they learn how to move efficiently to the ball, incorporating footwork, ball tracking skills and sending skills.


Note: sign up for all 8 weeks in advance and receive a 30% discount.

  • Ages 4-6 $224 for 8 weeks
  • Ages 7-10 $308 for 8 weeks
  • Age 11 and up $420 for 8 weeks


Tennis Clinic - Kids 4-6 (36-foot court, racket sizes 17"-23")

Cost: $40/week

Time: Monday-Friday, 9:15-10:00

Age 4: Offers kids a fun introduction to the game of tennis working on the basics. Athleticism, balance and coordination. Children will learn to send and receive the ball with their hands and rackets. The most important part is we make it FUN!

Ages 5-6: More racket skills as well as the different strokes of tennis are introduced. Children will begin to rally with one another.

Tennis Clinic - Juniors 7-10 (60-foot court, racket sizes 23"-25")

Cost: $55/week

Time: Monday-Friday; Ages 7-8 9:15-10:15, Ages 9-10 12:00-1:00

The Juniors Clinic is ideal for slightly older kids who are not ready to move up to the big court and a regular tennis ball. Coaches first assess player skill levels so they get the right level of instruction.

Beginners: Coaches help players by creating a simple foundation of move, stop, hit and recover by focusing on a consistent contact point on the forehand and backhand.

Kids with previous exposure to tennis: they show good balance and consistent contact points on groundstrokes. They can rally and play mini-matches. They have started to redirect the ball away from their opponent.

Kids who can consistently rally independent of instructor: these players have a better understanding of court geometry and use space by changing depth and angle of shots. Different grips and spins are being used.

Tennis Clinic - Teens 11 & Up (Full Court)

Cost:  $75/week

Time: Monday-Friday, 10:45-12:15

The morning clinic is aimed at improving your child's tennis fundamentals. Group lesson broken up by beginner, intermediate and advanced. Proper grips, balance, movement and stroke technique are reinforced. Players compete in various game situations, either through live ball drills or game play.



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Team Pricing

Age 7-10: $175 for whole summer
11 and up: $250 for whole summer

10 & Under Tennis Team

Time: Monday-Friday, 1:30-2:30PM

The 10 & under tennis team practices Monday-Thursdays using orange and green dot tennis balls. The team practices focus on supervised point play, including strategy, positioning, and scoring. We play round robin style matches against local clubs on Friday afternoons from 1:00-3:00.


11 & Over Tennis Team

Time: Monday-Friday, 1:30-3:00

The 11 & over tennis team practices Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons with matches against local clubs on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 1:30. Team practices focus on live ball drills and point play, including strategy and positioning.



Private lessons are avaiable. More information coming soon.


Tennis Team Match Schedule 2018 (Subject to Frequent Change so Check Back) 

Calendar Coming soon.