Swim lessons at the club are a great way for your child to develop swimming and water safety skills. Whether it is your child’s first time in the water or he or she just needs some help fine-tuning his or her strokes, we modify and group swim lessons based on your child’s individual skill level.



Please register at least two weeks in advance of the session start date. Space cannot be guaranteed for late registrations.

Swim Lessons: Registrations will be done on a weekly basis. Swim lessons will begin June 25 and will run for eight weeks (the final two weeks will run depending on enrollment).
Private Lessons: Private swim lessons are available.  Contact Stefi at swimdirector@waylandswimandtennis.com for information.

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Kids 4-6: M-F 10:15-10:45 cost: $45/week

Kids (4-6) Lesson:  is for children to learn to become comfortable, gain confidence, have fun, and be safe in the water.  Games and activities are designed to help children become confident in a pool environment. 
What your child will learn depends his or her age and developmental readiness.  Some of the skills your child will learn if he or she is a new swimmer include:

• Put face in water and blow bubbles 

• Jump in to water (with or without instructor catching depending on level)
• Straight leg flutter kick on front – with or without barbell or noodle
• Straight leg flutter kick on back
• Instructor supported or independent front float
• Instructor supported or independent back float
• Streamline arm positioning
• Bobbing under water
If your 6 and under child is more advanced, he or she may be swimming half or full length of the pool freestyle and backstroke as well as learning how to dive in the pool.

Juniors 7-10: M-F 10:45-11:30 cost: $45/week

Juniors (7-10) Lesson: is designed for children to work on learning and refining all four strokes (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle) as well as diving and flip turns. What your child will learn and what group he or she will be in depends his or her age and developmental readiness.

Stroke and Turn Clinics

if your child is able to swim the full length of the pool and would like to get some additional stroke and turn practice, check out the Stroke and Turn Clinic, which is open to both swim team and non swim team kids.  More information about the stroke and turn clinics can be found on the Swim Team page.