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Membership in the Wayland Swim and Tennis Club is open to all residents of Wayland, on a wait list basis.  The number of memberships are restricted to 200 households, and 18 abutting households by the Town of Wayland.  As applications for membership have historically exceeded the 200/18 member cap, we maintain a wait list that can exceed five years, and has been as long as ten.  As such, interested families are encouraged to join our wait list promptly, even if you currently reside outside of Wayland.  You need to be a resident only at the time that you are invited from the wait list to become an active member of the club.

Prospective members who join the wait list should understand that when you are invited to become an active member, you will be required to pay an initiation fee equal to the amount of annual dues for that year, post a non-interest bearing refundable bond reflecting your share of ownership of the Club is $2,515, and pay the annual dues of $1,225.  Alternatively, you may join the Club as an inactive member (reflecting ownership, but not usage) by only paying the initiation fee and the bond, and then delaying your activation to another season (at which time, IF AN OPENING BECOMES AVAILABLE, you would become an active member by paying the annual dues and any further bond assessments).  Please note, there is no guarantee that an opening will become available the season you wish to become active.  Openings only become available when a current member chooses to go inactive or resigns from the club, and there could potentially be more inactive members who wish to become active than there are openings at that time.   Available openings for the following season will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis from those inactive members who notify the membership committee.

If you choose not to join the club in either of these two ways, you will fall to the end of the wait list.  Therefore, we encourage prospective members to plan ahead for the financial requirements of membership.

In addition, while a household membership includes unlimited, in-season access to the club and its tennis and swim facilities, signing up for the professionally staffed programs incurs nominal fees.  In sum, the longstanding membership of our club and the associated wait list is a testament to the overall value of membership in many ways.

As a member-owned and operated Club, each individual member (or one individual from each family membership) must serve on the Board or Committee in some capacity for a two year term at some point during the first ten years of membership (Board positions are listed under "Club Management").

The WSTC has operated continuously since 1963, with most families remaining members for many, many years.  Our Club's small size lends a personal, welcoming "extended family" feel that engenders strong community relationships.  Especially noteworthy is the inter-generational interaction of children and adults within the social and athletic programs.

The application fee to be placed on the wait list is $125. 

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